Why our race car search engine is usefull?

It gains traffic for car sales websites

Aggregators like MotorsportsSales.com usually have good position on search in universal search engines like Google. It is so because aggregators have much more pages in search engines than common car sales websites thus more search requests are linked to aggregator website.

Because MotorsportsSales.com is just a search engine it only can found results among indexed content and allows to redirect user to source website. So it doesn't exploit crawled data and exclude possibility to have the same content as on source websites. Search result page contains mixed content with a short excerpts of different websites, we don't even have details pages on our website or store content of source website details page. Our cralwer extracts only meta-data fields to be available for search.

As a car ads website owner you can see your additional traffic from MotorsportsSales.com in Google Analitics tool. As we aim to make our search very relevant and help our users to find the exact race car we also aim to redirect users to final destination - car ads website details page with a seller contacts (we don't store or even indexing seller contacts).

It makes race car search very exact

We constanly improve our search algorithms and search tools available for exact targeting on desired race car. Usually we provide better search than original website has. We also make it more consistent and all-in-one-place.

MotorsportsSales.com not only improves search methods but also adding some additional value to display search results with a maximum visibility for user (we carefully analize data from source websites to hightlight and make available for search filter the most important data).

We crawl with respect to source websites

First of all, we read robot.txt from source website to respect rules for crawling. We don't crawl entire web site as we need only meta-data for racing cars only. So, we follow crawl-delay policy to avoid any overload. If robots.txt doesn't contain crawl-delay value we use our default values (more than 5 seconds between each requests to source website).

We perform our crawling process during periods of the lowest load on source websites. As we indexing data for racing cars ads only our search bot consumes very low amount of source website traffic (e.g. for 1000 race cars it consumes about 10Mb).

If you are interested your race car advertisiment website appears in our search just contact us